Word Cabinet Validation

Word Cabinet Validation

Laminer Flow (LAF) Cabinets serve only for the purpose of providing protection for the product worked in it. Laf Booth cannot be used for biologically dangerous or chemically hazardous products because it spreads the operation air to the staff (operator) and the environment when performing this operation.

When it comes to contagious particles floating in any dangerous air, it does not protect the staff (operator) from these particles (particles). On the contrary, this causes dangerous particles (particles) to infect personnel (operator) or the environment in which it is located.

Work and Performance Verification Tests for Laminate Flow (LAF) Cabinets are conducted in accordance with EN ISO 14644-3:2005, EU Guidelines to GMP:2015.


  • HEPA Filter Sealing Test (DOP Test)
    Conducting out-of-device air leak controls
    Measurement of downstream / Down Flow air speed and speed distribution
    Calculating weather change rates
    Visualization of airflows and determination of suitability
    Particle Measurement / Census