Veterinary Drug Remnants

Veterinary Drug Remnants

Food infections in food supplies and pesticides, chemicals and veterinary drug residues pose a growing health problem for consumers around the world. As Oxigen Laboratories, we offer analytical testing services to ensure the quality of your products by comparing our high-tech devices with your products.

Veterinary medicines are given to animals by mixing them into their feed as mixtures of drugs or drugs. Every medical product and medicated feed suitable for the treatment of food-producing animals must be regularly authorized and recorded.

Unfortunately, in some cases, there is abuse or worse in the use of veterinary medicines, illegally prohibited drugs can be used to alter the normal physiology of animals.

To avoid the risk caused by inappropriate or fraudulent use of veterinary medicines, the production “chain” that defines “critical points” in the use of veterinary medicines until it arrives at the consumer’s desk from the farm must also be implemented in the control system. The proportion of drug residues plays an important role given the globalization processes that allow goods to circulate gradually in countries with different and often contradictory regulations.

With our expert staff, it conducts reliable tests for over 100 veterinary drugs (hormones, beta-agonists, NSAIDs, antibiotics, etc.) in various food mats