Determination of Meat and Animal Species

The growing population is causing an increase in unmet demand meat prices. It is important for the detection of different types of meat mixed with meat and meat products for cheating purposes, consumer protection, application of label information legislation in foods and prevention of unfair competition.

Sausage, salami and sausage; as of the production method and the structure of the raw material used, imitation and tağşişe (cheating) are meat products that are quite open. As the prices of meat and meat products increase, many tricks can be made in such blend products by disregarding human health.

Animal meats that society does not consume in production (horses, donkeys, cats, using the dog, various internal organs (lung, spleen, liver, ear, tripe, skin, intestine, heart, uterus, breast, testicle, tongue, lymph lumps), high proportion of connective tissue-rich meats (tendo, ligament, fascia, cartilage) using high proportionof these products to be offered under the name of quality product, the use of protein skilled products in the product and the re-homogenization process of expired products can be applied to re-consumption.

Pork can be mixed into beef and sheep meat (due to structure and color similarity). Identification of meat types used in meat products is important for economic reasons, religious factors, label verification and prevention of unfair competition.

Meat type analyses are important for food fraud and the reliability of companies for all the reasons above. Therefore, it makes its analysis necessary.

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