Corrosion Analysis

Corrosion Analysis

Surgery and instruments made of fully stainless steel or metallic coated material used in the field of medicine, etc. corrosion experiments to be applied to the metal parts of the medical devices, which contain parts of this material in their structures. With this, it covers the determination of resistance to autoclaves, corrosion and thermal exposure in surgical and dental-related hand tools. Corrosion tests are also performed on intravenous catheters provided in sterile condition and designed as disposable.

Corrosion analyses are carried out according to the following standards.

TS 5172 EN ISO 13402 Hand tools used in surgical and dentistry-Autoclave determination, corrosion and heat resistance

TS EN 1618 Catheters other than intravenous catheters – Experimental methods for common features

BS EN ISO 10555-1 Intravenous catheters. Requirements for sterile and disposable cattheters