Analysis of Bacterial Endotoxin (LAL)

Analysis of Bacterial Endotoxin (LAL)

In its short definition, “endotoxin” is a structural bacterial component. The cell wall structure of gram-negative bacteria contains an extra layer called outer membrane outside the peptide layer. Endotoxin is a component of this outer membrane.

This structure, which is short-defined as a structural bacterial component, occurs when the bacterium loses its normal structure for different reasons. In a sense, it is a fragmented bacterial structure.

In summary, endotoxins are the last weapon of gram-negative bacteria before they die.

Bacterial Endotoxin (LAL) Test is the detection of toxic structures in the cell wall of gram negative bacteria on the product. It is a parameter that is necessarily checked in medical devices, pharmaceutical industry and especially dialysis waters that come into contact with the body ( in vitro).

Bacterial endotoxin analyses are carried out according to the following standards.

European Pharmacopeiae (E.P.) 2.6.14-Bacterial Endotoxins

United States Pharmacopeiae (USP)-85-Bacterial Endotoxins Test